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NGviewer - View and edit node groups in the 3D viewport

Andrew Stevenson
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NGviewer is a simple addon that lets you view and edit node groups from the 3D viewport in Blender, meaning that you don't have to go back into the shader editor to make changes.

You can get this addon to test for free from this link:

this is fully-featured but has a link to this page for if you decide to buy it, which would help me to continue updating and working on this project :)

blender artists thread:


21/5/20: beta 1.3

  • Fixed bugs with alignment
  • Box groups are now not available when boxes are not enabled
  • Added info for adding box groups

21/5/20: beta 1.2

  • Improved background code
  • Fixed random errors
  • Added Groups!
  • Added Use groups setting

20/5/20: beta 1.1

  • Improved background code
  • Fixed errors when no object was selected
  • Added setting to hide materials with no node groups visible
  • Separated settings into Material and Nodegroup categories

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NGviewer - View and edit node groups in the 3D viewport

7 ratings
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